The last time the local temperatures dropped along with the relative humidity I didn’t have a humidifier. I blame the dry air for leaving my sinuses susceptible to infection, which lead to that nasty infection which ruined the beginning of the year for me.

Well, tonight the temperature is now two degrees below freezing and the relative humidity dropped to almost 30% in my apartment. This time around though, I have a humidifier in my bedroom. It’s one of those “cool-mist” ones that didn’t exist when I was a kid. I initially turned it on at its lowest setting but even after nearly 30 minutes, the humidity in my room was unaffected. I decided to skip the middle setting and went to full power. After about ten minutes, it pushed the humidity up one lowly percent. It was only after I closed the door to my living room that the humidity went up to my target 40%. I guess this device isn’t able to affect the entirety of my apartment.

On a colder night like this, I wish it was a warm steam coming out of the humidifier but at least this type operates in a whisper quiet mode. Alas, it’s better than nothing and my skin and sinuses will feel much better going forward.

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