In a post I wrote less than a week ago I mused whether or not to cash out all investments and shelter my money in anticipation of a financial collapse, like what occurred in 2008. Well, in these crazy times a lot can and does happen in a week now. The weekend was filled with protests across the United States, as people rallied against the latest executive order to come from the Trump regime.

For the first time since the White House changed hands, the US markets noticed. The DOW dropped about 200 points today, in sharp contrast to the steady gains it saw post-election. It’s almost as if Wall Street is slowly realizing things aren’t exactly rosy in the United States. Is this just a slight nervous blip that investors are having or is this a signal that something bigger and more drastic is about to happen?

It doesn’t matter to me, I’ve seen enough. The time to contemplate is over. My attempt will be to either cash out or move the majority of my investments to safer bond funds this week. This will be the most cautious and conservative thing I’ve ever done with my money and it probably isn’t too far off from just stuffing my money into a mattress.

I won’t say that everyone should follow my lead because I can’t guarantee this is the best thing to do but at the very least, you should take a hard look at what you have to lose if this all goes south fairly soon.

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