It’s about 7:30am now and I went downstairs for breakfast an hour ago. The transit station was full of activity with lots of people on the move, getting to where they need to go. Man, lots of people get up early! To be where they were for 6:30am means many of them probably got up at 6am at the latest. I don’t know how people do that.

As I was walking to A&W, I could smell the aroma of breakfast from various other food places around me. I detected mainly coffee and baked goods. The Safeway had been already open for half an hour at this point. I saw lady walking out of there with a grocery cart full of food. Who buys groceries that early in the morning?

There wasn’t a lot of people in A&W so I got my breakfast quite quickly. Other than my toast being a bit burnt, everything was pretty good. A&W serves Van Houtte coffee and the blend they use is very bold. I added a bunch of sugar but it was still bitter as hell. I drank it all though as I needed the caffeine.

It’s still eight hours until my target bedtime but I don’t think that’s realistic right now. I don’t feel tired per se but I would describe my current mental state as lacking in concentration. I kinda feel spaced out slightly. So while I’m awake, my brain is probably having a difficult time doing anything other than preventing me from sleeping.

The interesting thing is, I gotta go to the currency exchange in an hour. So this is perfect. I’m not exactly all with it and I’m about bring a large wad of cash downtown and have to bring it all back (converted to quid). How could that go wrong right?

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