Thanks for the miracle of modern air travel, I have returned home to Vancouver after a full eight days in the great city of London. I had a fantastic time in London, my second time there and first time as an adult.

Due to London being London, I had a few small apprehensions about the trip. First, would I go mad on a flight that was close to ten hours? Would I get swallowed up in a bustling and busy city of close to 9 million people? Would I get lost on the London Underground and find myself on the way to the icky parts of town? Would I get pick-pocketed? Luckily, none of that was a problem even in the slightest. London was full of interesting things to see and do. Every day was packed with things to do from sun up to sun down. I was able to visit two of my friends who now live in London so that was extra special.

Over the next few days I’d like to go in-depth with a few posts about my trip. For now I need to deal with this jet lag. It wasn’t a problem at all when I arrived in London. I was tired for about half a day the first day but after the first night of sleep my body was basically in sync with London time. Now that I have returned, I have to deal with the reverse. My body wouldn’t let me sleep for more than four hours last night so I’m pretty tired right now and it’s “only” 1am. I’m guessing after tonight, my body will be back to west coast time. Anyways, I think I’ll be heading to bed shortly.

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