I went to work today as management requested the software engineers come into work on Monday. They expected QA to find a significant amount of bugs over the weekend but that was not the case. At this point of the project, bugs are prioritized into categories. The most important bugs are the ones that have to be fixed before the game ships. Another category is for bugs that can be fixed with the first downloadable update, reserved for after the game is released. I had one bug that was in the first category but then got reclassified and put into the latter category. That meant management was no longer standing at my desk, waiting for the bug to be fixed. You don’t want any of those bugs because it’s stressful. The release of the game will be held up until you fix that bug.

With the pressure somewhat off, I decided to roll into work around noon. Pretty much the entire software engineer team was already at work but I did not feel bad. At least I showed up. They served us lunch and I spent the whole day tracking down the root cause of the only bug I have left to fix (for now). It took about six hours for me to finally discover what the problem was. I probably could have done it quicker but I did watch a lot of cat videos along the way. I had to leave before I could implement my fix but I know what needs to be done.

Barring me being called in this week for a new bug that pops up, I’ll go back to work next Monday and finish up my current bug.

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