Just before midnight I was sitting at my computer when I noticed my apartment started to shake. In the first second I wasn’t too worried because it’s quite normal to feel the occasional slight vibration if my upstairs neighbour drops something on his hardwood floor. It was in the next second that I knew this was different. The shaking got worse and the chair I was sitting in began to rattle back and forth. I’d never felt anything like that before. Then there was a loud creaking and groaning that seemed to come from my ceiling as my whole apartment seemed to be moving all at once. It was at this point I stood up and wondered what the hell was going on.

The shaking stopped after just a few seconds thankfully but I was bewildered at what had just happened. Was I the only one that felt that? I began hearing people yelling outside and then I realized that other people had felt it too. It dawned on me that I had just felt a mild earthquake. As most people do these days, there was an immediate rush to social media to see if anyone had shared the same experience. I quickly discovered this was felt across the entire greater Vancouver area.

After the excitement died down, I remembered that I prepared my emergency kit during the summer. If the circumstances called for it, I have water, food, candles, a heat source, light, and first-aid all available to me. Then I remembered that I’m still short on a water purification device and a portable radio. I’ll probably want to pick these up soon.

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