One of the best gifts I got from the wedding weekend was a package of oil blotting papers. During the festivities of the day, one of the groom’s sisters gave him a box of oil blotting papers because she thought he was getting shiny in the face. If you’re not familiar with these magical sheets, they are basically like when you use paper towels to absorb the excess oil from the french fries you just made in the deep fryer. Now instead of paper towels, it’s these thin sheets of rice paper like material and instead of french fries, it’s your gross oily face.

Now my friend didn’t look all that shiny, so he gave me the box to hold. He never got to use them and he looked pretty dry all day anyways. I have a pretty oily t-zone so I went into the bathroom before the reception started and blotted to no end. It was pretty gross.

Usually at work, near the end of the afternoon, I’ll go into the bathroom and use a few paper towels and rub my forehead and nose with them. I’d like to say the paper towels don’t look like I just dabbed some fried chicken fresh out of the fryer but that would be lying. Now that I these blotting papers, I can probably just blot at my desk. I don’t give two sheets who sees me as long as I get rid of my shine.

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