One week from today, Canadians will go to the polls for the latest federal election and choose their members of parliament and thereby, indirectly choosing our next prime minister. In an earlier post, I wrote that I expect the Conservatives to win this election, thus extending Stephen Harper’s reign of terror on this once great nation.

As you might infer, from this post and earlier ones, I am no fan of Stephen Harper and his band of traitorous misfits. In my earlier post, national polling had the NDP ahead of the Conservatives but I wrote that I didn’t trust polls and when it comes down to the wire, Stephen Harper would be victorious. I believed that in August and I still believe it now. Too many Canadians have fallen for Harper’s campaign of fear. Conservative voters believe if they don’t vote for Harper, the economy will crumble and terrorists will run freely in the streets of every Canadian city and town. The right love to scare people into voting for them and older folk are especially susceptible to this. Too many of our citizens have become too dumb to think for themselves and examine the issues and face reality for themselves. These are the people who will keep Stephen Harper in power and allow him to continue to steer this country towards even greater ruin.

On Monday, the only question to be answered is, will Stephen Harper have a minority or majority government? At this point, political experts would say the likelihood of a Harper minority government is the most likely scenario of the two but I would remind people not to underestimate the breadth and depth of the stupidity of millions of Canadians voters. Thus, I can say with confidence that one week from today, Canada will continue to be ruled by a Harper led majority government.

2 thoughts on “FEDERAL ELECTION 2015”

  1. That is indeed the best ad I’ve seen this campaign and very inspiring. The Trudeau ad is ok too. No but seriously, it does have tones of Obama ’08. I only hope change will come to Canada as well next week.

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