There are many reasons to love summer. I love the longer days with more sunlight. The warm and sunny weather is also nice. I’m also quite appreciative of the students who are not in class. You see, the bus I take to work also goes by a large post-secondary institute. During the months where students are in class, that particular bus route is packed with students in the morning. When I first started my job in March, it was like sardines in a can in the mornings. I rarely got a seat though I am thankful my stop is only five to seven minutes away once the bus departs.

In May, the students left for the summer and things were pleasant, lots of room on the bus all morning. Alas, these last few months of freedom are now over. On Tuesday, the students are back to school and I’ll once again have to try to avoid backpacks being swung into my face because people don’t know how to ride the bus.

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