On Friday, before the start of the long weekend, my team at work, including myself, packed up all our stuff into plastic totes. There was a move scheduled as we try to get everyone on to one floor. Previously, we had team members spread across two floors. Logistically, it’s better to have everyone on the team on the same floor.

I’m now a veteran of the “EA move”. A company comes in after hours to move everyone’s stuff to your new desk. All you need to do is pack all your stuff into as many plastic totes as you need. Anything that can’t fit into a tote will be moved individually. Everything needs to be labelled though with your name and the location of your new desk.

The external company that comes in and moves everyone’s belongings must have a system for doing this efficiently. For all the moves, I’ve done, I’ve never been around to see how they do it. This particular move involves three separate teams, in our case, we’re kicking out another whole team to make room for our guys.

Anyways, when I get to work tomorrow morning I’ll be at a new desk. This new location is better than my old desk. I’m very close to a window, though not directly next to one. My previous desk was so far away from a window, it was sometimes difficult to see what the weather was outside. My new desk is a little more private too as the last one allowed everyone walking by to see all my computer monitors. Well, here’s to my new home until next February!

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