Well, the three pounds I gained since starting work has now materialized into five. This is definitely not a good trend, despite my efforts to only eat salad for lunch at work. The only course of action is to eat healthier and get more active. On the diet front, I’ll have to do better and I’ve already stopped eating doughnuts as my afternoon snack. That was a bad habit for one week. As for exercise, I came up with an idea last night.

I wanted to see if it was viable to walk home from work. According to Google Maps, it would be a 9.8 km walk going by the shortest route and it would take me two hours and eight minutes. That’s not exactly a short stroll but certainly within the realm of possibility. There are some pros and cons of doing this. One of the pros is that I can cut through a large urban park by using their trails. Theoretically, this should shorten the amount of time and distance of the walk home. It’s also much nice to walk through nature than on the side of the road with cars whizzing by me. Unfortunately, it’s been many years since I’ve been to this park and I’m unfamiliar with the trails. I also don’t want to be caught out in the trails once the sun sets. These two problems can be solved however. I walk the trails one weekend and get my bearings. As for the sunlight, every day that goes by the days grow longer and sun sets later.

I definitely will also need to eat something before leaving work. I’m usually starving by the time the work day is over so there’s no way I can go on this monster walk without fueling up first. I also think I’ll attempt this on a Friday, just in case it kicks my ass so bad I’ll be a mess the next day.

I do not want a repeat of 2013 when I ballooned up to 175 pounds. I can’t imagine that I weighed that much!

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