It was quite a surprise to me that I was remarkably thin before I started work at the beginning of this month. I tipped the scales at 155 pounds at the start of March. All my pants were very loose which was all kinds of awesome. It’s a great feeling when you know you’re at a good weight. I wasn’t expecting to be at that weight because I was at the end of my five month vacation, had been eating whatever I wanted and also had just come back from San Diego where I ate quite decadently. Somehow, I remained thin.

Tomorrow marks the end of my fourth week at work and there are signs I might be getting tubby again. I weighed myself yesterday and I’ve gained two pounds. It’s not a lot of weight but of course I would preferred to have not gained any weight at all. Without fail, I always gain weight whenever I go back to work. I bet if I stopped working right now, those two pounds would melt off in less than two weeks. I attribute the weight gain to mostly my diet. I generally consume more food when working. My body just seems to want more food when I have to work. I try my best to eat smarter. For breakfast, I try to only have scrambled eggs and no bacon nor hash browns. For a while, I was eating just salads at work for lunch. Where I probably failed was for a few days in a row, I had a big jelly doughnut for an afternoon snack.

There’s a new week and a new month coming right up, so I’m going try to get back on track. I really want to avoid what happened when I worked at PopCap and weighed a very shameful 175 pounds.

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