UPDATE: Not six hours after I made this post, I found that my tax refund was deposited into my account. I was worried about nothing!


On Friday, it will be two weeks since I filed my tax return over the Internet. In that time, I have heard nothing from my illustrious government about my tax situation. Like in years past, I used a tax program to do my return and I was marked for a tax refund. The last tax year was not remarkably different from years past. My sources of income were essentially the same and my deductions were also the same. The only slight wrinkle was that I had income from Employment Insurance but so did millions of other Canadians and that’s something the federal government would have experience with. Usually, I get my refund in about five business days, so this delay is out of the ordinary, if years past are any indication.

I could speculate what this means but checking with Canada Revenue Agency website yields no answers. Stupidly, the website goes down for maintenance for three hours every day at midnight and of course, I didn’t check it until 10 minutes after midnight. I’m not staying up until 3am to get any answers so some potential light on this situation will have to wait until morning.

I’ve never been audited and I hope this isn’t what is going to happen. I have nothing to hide but I really don’t want to go through the hassle anyways.

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