Several months ago, when I was still working, I bought a back massager for my chair at work. I detailed this purchase in a previous post. Because I was feeling a bit generous, I left the massager at work so my co-workers could use it while they toiled away. I would need no massaging since I’d be a carefree bum. The intention was to pick it back up after everyone was finished work on Halo.

Well, the beginning of January rolled around and I went to pick up the massager from UFG. I discovered they had thrown out the box that it got shipped in, which concerned me because it would be slightly awkward to bring on the train with me. Luckily, the good people at UFG found be a large enough tote bag to hold the whole thing. I got it back home with relative ease.

I’ve been enjoying the benefits of a massaged back ever since. It’s quite nice to have this small luxury at home.

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