It used to be that if you saw a penny on the street you’d pick it up because it was inherently worth the effort to get that penny. I think those days are long gone now (especially since the government decided to get rid of the penny). A single cent doesn’t buy you very much of anything anymore. I don’t even bother if I see a penny. For the coins coloured silver, things are a bit more complicated. It’s gotten to the point where I sometimes won’t even pick up a random nickel I see on the ground. It all depends on my mood I suppose. I still pick up dimes but I’m starting to question that. I was on the bus last week and when I went to sit down, I saw a dime on the seat next to me. As an experiment, I decided to leave it, just to see if I would regret it later. I didn’t. Is this a new trend for me?

On the flip side, there’s no way I’d turn down a random quarter, loonie, or twoonie. Those are definitely worth my time and effort to pick up. I’m poor enough to need those coins. Just this evening, I was walking through the retail parkade in my building. I noticed something blue and silvery on the ground in a puddle. When I got closer I saw it was five-dollar bill! It was right in parking spot so someone might have lost it when they were fishing out their car keys from a pocket or purse. Luckily, it was one of the newer polymer bills, so the huge puddle it was sitting in didn’t make it all soggy. I picked it up and shook off as much of the water as I could. Finding five dollars was pretty much the highlight of my day.

I wonder if super rich people won’t even bother to pick up a $20 bill on the street. I get the feeling Kanye West wouldn’t waste his time on anything other than a $100 or higher. Man, being that rich must be great.

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