This evening I watched on Netflix a wonderful documentary called To Be Takei. The film is about the life of actor George Takei. It follows Takei in the present day, living life with his husband Brad Altman. Through interviews and older footage, Takei takes you through the many different chapters in his life: his internment as a child in the Japanese-American camps during World War II, his efforts to make it as an Asian-American actor in Hollywood, his rise to fame with Star Trek, and later on, his work as a gay rights advocate. There are some genuinely insightful and candid moments that Takei shares with viewers, stuff that I think even the most devoted Star Trek fan would have not known before.

I found the film to be fantastic and Takei should be commended for the raw honesty that shows through from start to finish. If you are Star Trek fan or not, I think you’ll enjoy this glimpse into George Takei’s amazing life story.

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