It’s currently -3 degrees Celsius in Vancouver right now but it feels much colder than that. I refuse to turn on the heat, so I’m wearing a hoodie all zipped up and some socks. The area is under a bit of a cold spell right now. In contrast, it will be a balmy 16 degrees Celsius in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday! Traditionally, the roles are usually reversed, with D.C. having the cold winters and us having the mild, wet ones.

With the weather being this cold, I’ve admittedly have not found too much motivation to leave my home in the last few days. I’ve went outside to get some groceries and today I had lunch with a friend but that’s about it. The cold weather also dries out my skin too which I hate. I’ve resorted to lathering up large swaths of my body with moisturizer as soon as I jump out of the shower. I can easily tell which parts I’ve missed a few hours later because my skin starts to itch there.

Luckily, this cold snap will end toward mid-week when the temperatures will rise and the familiar rain will return. I can’t wait!

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