As many of you know I’m not working right now, which enables me to stay up super late and sleep in until shortly before people start leaving work for the day. That’s great and all but there’s no denying the incoming cash flowing isn’t what it used to be. While I’m not about to miss mortgage payments or anything, I wouldn’t complain if some random dollars started coming in. To that end, this evening, I posted my very first Craigslist ad. After my latest computer upgrades, I discovered I have a decent amount of computer parts lying around, most of which are new enough to be sold for a reasonable amount of money.

I’m selling my three extra video cards first because they’re the most time sensitive components. The longer I wait to sell these, the more advanced the newer cards will be, which means my cards will be even more outdated and worth less. I’d be happy to get $150 to for all three cards. I also have some RAM, a working motherboard, a possibly busted motherboard, a Intel Core 2 Duo processor, two power supplies, and a giant PC case to sell. These will be tougher to sell, especially the power supplies and the case but if I could get sell the rest, I’d consider that a victory.

I don’t even know if anyone will even offer to buy the video cards. I did my research before deciding on prices. Who’s gonna want to buy a used part when it’s priced as much a new one? In general, I tried to price it to sell without basically giving it away. For example, the newest video card I’m selling still retails for about $120 or higher in some cases but I’m selling it for $80. Seems like a reasonable price?

I hope I don’t get ripped off somehow.

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