My alma mater is the University of British Columbia. Over the course of two degrees, I’ve had many interactions with UBC faculty and staff. This evening, I found a link to a thorough report regarding UBC’s finances for the fiscal year ending in March of 2014. This isn’t a leaked document or anything, it’s supposed to be publicly available as per regulations. I just never bothered to look at something like this before.

Sure this PDF document contains some very dry numbers that I don’t care about but the interesting part to me is the list of every single university employee that makes more than $75,000 a year. Since the document is easily searchable, I quickly looked up the salaries of most of my old professors and instructors. There were no real big surprises, every single one of the profs I looked up had PhDs in science or engineering so of course they had six-figure salaries. UBC pays as well as it can to attract talent so profs are making good coin.

I was quite pleased to see some people making the money that they do. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with some quality educators and they deserve every penny the university gives them. It was also interesting to see the spread in some of the salaries within a department. I noticed two of my old mechanical engineering profs have the same title but the spread in salary was about $80K.

Last but not least, I am guilty of looking up the salaries of certain people I know who work at UBC. These aren’t my old profs, these are my friends so I did this somewhat sheepishly. Should I have not looked? Maybe?! Anyways, I’m very happy for the people who made the >$75K list because they truly do deserve their salaries. You can buy me lunch next time!

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