Good old UFG gave me a free digital download code for Halo: The Master Chief Collection today. Awesome gesture on their part as most developers I know appreciate getting a free copy of the game they worked on. I currently don’t own an Xbox One and I’m not sure if I ever will but at least I know I can play the game if I ever do. As for the game itself, it’s still suffering from a few problems but the latest patch appears to have made things much better. The extreme vitriol from angry gamers seems to be subsiding somewhat on the message boards.

I took advantage of a pre-Black Friday online sale yesterday and bought a new video card. Originally priced at $200, it went down to $120. Did I really need a new video card? Perhaps no but there’s already a few games out there that I wouldn’t be able to play without the upgrade. I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to play GTA 5 when it comes out early in 2015. If you’re actually interested in how much of difference this new video card made to my gaming performance, this link shows about a 2x increase.

For lunch, I was weak and went to KFC at a food court. While I was getting a straw to put in my drink that the KFC employee had put down for me, I accidentally put the straw into another dude’s drink. Ok, in my defense, my blood sugar was low. Also, this dude’s drink was right next to me and he was like standing five feet away. Who doesn’t take their own drink and doesn’t put the straw in right away? Luckily, he was pretty chill about it and the KFC woman gave him a totally new drink. Hopefully, I don’t dip my straw into another dude’s drink again anytime soon.

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