I did some laundry today and washed some of my bedding. While my bed was bereft of any sheets, pillows, and comforter, I decided to rotate the mattress around 180 degrees. I was planning on doing this for a while but today seemed like a good time to do it. Rotating the mattress like that would be useless if I slept directly in the middle but I don’t. For whatever reason, I sleep off to the right. I also don’t move around a lot, so even though I have a double sized mattress, I probably could get away with sleeping on a twin. This is no doubt because the majority of my life, I’ve slept on a twin.

So for over four years, I’ve slept on just one side of my bed. It used to be that you could even out the wear on your mattress by rotating it and also flipping it but the flipping part doesn’t work now with these pillow top mattresses. I’ve got one of those, so I’m stuck with just two different orientations as opposed to the four. Does it make a difference? In my case, yes it did make a difference. The unused side of my mattress is decidedly firmer as my fat ass has not forced those poor mattress coils to compress permanently.

My first night on what is essentially a new mattress awaits! Tomorrow I might even rotate my pillows! Life is exciting!

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