In a previous post I bitterly complained about a TV commercial where Mark Messier was terrorizing a family of Vancouver Canucks fans. I was under the assumption that he had made several versions of this commercial, a different one for each large hockey market in Canada. For example, in Winnipeg, he’d be with a family that had Jets jerseys on. Same thing for Ottawa, Toronto, etc. It turns out there is only one version of this commercial, the one with the Canucks family. This revelation just makes me even more angry.

They could have chosen any other Canadian team to make this commercial with. Given the size of the city, they probably should have chosen the Maple Leafs. The sentimental choice should have been the Oilers where Messier won the most Cups. Nope, they chose the city where he universally despised. Why they decided to use a family of Canucks fans is still a mystery to me. This is akin to using Hitler in a commercial to sell stuff to Jews.

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