I made it to the end of my contract job. As many of you know, three years ago I took a six month contract job at UFG, which wound up being barely two and a half months after I got laid off. This time around there were no game cancellations and no layoffs.

This was a tough and grueling project to be on but I’m still very thankful I had a chance to work on it. Beyond the seven months of employment and the ability to pay my bills, it was my chance to get out of a very bad situation at my last place of employment. The new job was just down the street from the old one. It was so easy to transition to my new role. I also got to work with some great people on a small team of about ten people. The last seven months would have been way more difficult if I had to work with people I didn’t enjoy hanging out with but there were some really cool cats on my team. Some of these people I’ll continue to hang out with after tomorrow.

I’m so looking forward to chilling out for the next little while.

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