It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend which means this weekend is a long one. Since everyone has Monday off, it doesn’t seem like I’m no longer employed. I’m staying up late on Sunday night but then again, so is everyone else. I’m sure when everyone is prepping to go back to work on Monday night, that’s when it’ll seem like I’m an unemployed bum.

Unlike my previous stints with unemployment, I applied for EI benefits right away. In fact, I put in my application on Friday, while I was technically still employed. I’m not desperate for money, it’s just that I’ve learned there’s no real reason to wait to apply. The only consequence of waiting is that you delay getting your money.

The one slightly awkward order of business for this week is to explain to my parents that I’m not currently working anymore. When I took the contract job in March, I didn’t tell them I quit a full-time job for a contract one. Perhaps it would have been better to do it back then as I wouldn’t have to do it now. Oh well. My Mom is currently in Calgary visiting relatives and she gets back this week. I think I’ll wait until next weekend to tell both my parents at the same time.

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