One year ago, on April 26, 2013, the “summer of me” began. On that date, PopCap Vancouver shutdown, taking my employment with it. Kind as they were, however, Electronic Arts gave me a huge chunk of money to go and do as I pleased. I didn’t know it on that first day but it was the beginning of four and a half months of absolute joy. It’s not very often people look upon losing their jobs with such wistful nostalgia but in my case, it was such fantastic thing to happen to me.

As I look back upon it now, I was so lucky to get that job at PopCap, if only because when I was laid off, it allowed me to spend the loveliest four months of year without having to work. I had money in my pocket, sunny and warm weather, freedom to do whatever I wanted, and a well-rested body with which to do all those things.

Time certainly flies and I cannot believe a year has passed since that wonderful time of my life started. Though I’m so pleased to be employed where I am now, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to experience that freedom again this summer. I look upon last year’s “summer of me” with such fond memories, it’s only natural to want that again.

I’m hoping this summer will be good too but I’ll always remember how things got started last April.

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