New stuff!

This evening, I gave my old phone, a Galaxy Nexus, to my Mom. She had been using an LG Optimus One. In every single category that you could conjure up, this was undoubtedly an upgrade. Probably the most tangible improvement was going from a tiny 3.2″ screen to a high-definition 4.65″ display. The virtual buttons and keyboard on the LG were so tiny. I have no idea how my Mom was able to use them without making numerous mistakes.

Of course, when you give new technology to older folks, it’s not all puppies and rainbows. I had to show my Mom how to turn the phone on, how to make calls, how to answer calls, and how to text. This was necessary even though the new and old phone were both using Android. Her old phone was stuck on an ancient Android 2.2 and the new one is on a relatively new Android 4.2.1.

I didn’t have time to show her the other new features of the phone, which I’ll do next week. She’s stuck with the default ringtone and various other default settings. I haven’t even told her about the Play Store, as many apps were not available to her old phone due to its age. I bet she’ll be happy to see some Mahjong games on there!

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