About two years ago, a Chronic Tacos restaurant opened up by my place. At first, I was very enthused such an establishment was so close to me. I had eaten at a Chronic Tacos in Vancouver proper several times and the food there was great. I came to realize the quality control at Chronic Tacos leaves something to be desired.

I tried the location near my home about three times. Each time, I was very disappointed. I just couldn’t understand why the food wasn’t as good as the Vancouver location. Then I realized it wasn’t me, the food did actually suck at this location. The people there just didn’t know how to make the food properly. The reviews also indicated I wasn’t the only one to dislike the place.

Fast forward to tonight. After hearing that management had changed, I decided to give Chronic Tacos a try again. I ordered some chicken nachos, which to me, didn’t seem that complicated to make. I knew I was in trouble when the person making the nachos told me she’d never made nachos before on the job. Great. She then proceeded to put about 3g of cheese on my tortilla chips. This was not hyperbole, it was literally about ten small shreds of cheese. This person then asked me if I wanted a particular topping on my nachos and then promptly forget to put them on. I ordered sour cream and guacamole as extra and paid for it but she was about to give me my food without actually giving me my sour cream and guac. There was only one other person in line with me and they managed to mix up our orders. The person behind the counter wanted to give me some other person’s quesadilla with me order.

I walked away from this place not impressed as usual. I see no reason to give this restaurant a chance again.

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