So the last time I worked for my current employers, one of my co-workers got me eating a specific kind of toast at work. I was sitting at my desk one morning when he came around and placed a plate on my desk. On this plate was a buttered slice of cinnamon raisin toast. Now some of you know that I don’t really like raisins in my food but I thought it would be impolite to turn down an offering of food. So, I ate the toast. It was a revelation.

The combination of the cinnamon, the copious amounts of butter, the sweetness of the raisins, and the crunchy texture of the toast was amazing. I tried making cinnamon raisin toast almost daily after that but the bread would run out quite quickly. I started buying cinnamon raisin bread at home, that’s how much I liked it.

That job would only last two and a half months. Once the job ended the toast at work ended and for some reason I stopped buying the bread at home.

Now I’m back and they still buy the cinnamon raisin bread. I’ve started to make the toast again. Just this morning, I had two delightful slices where I wasn’t shy with the butter. Oh, it was so good. I then had a sandwich for lunch and in the afternoon, I realized how much bread I had eaten. Two slices of toast and then two slices from the sandwich. All I could think of was the carbs I had eaten. I’m more carb aware now than I was before.

The toast is good but I need to eat it in moderation now. Oh carbs, why you so delicious?!?!?!

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