So I walk into a public washroom today to do my business. I won’t disclose the location of this bathroom but I will mention that I’ve been to it before. There’s some urinals and a stall at the end. As I’m walking to one of the urinals I face the stall. I can see someone is in it because in North America, we have stupid stall partitions that don’t go all the way to the floor. I then notice I can see a significant portion of the dude on the toilet through a gap between the door and wall. That dreaded gap that makes pooping in public that much more fun. Now I thought my eyes were deceiving me because it seemed to me this gap was a lot larger than normal. I stopped myself from staring because I realized I was about to stare intently at some dude pooping. I get to my urinal and make a 90 degree turn to do my thing.

As I’m relieving myself, my curiosity forces to me look over at the stall again. Now that I’m closer, I realize why the gap looked so big. The dude hadn’t locked the door to the stall. He merely just closed it shut but not all the way. I could see the latch was not engaged. So there he was sitting in an unlocked stall, pooping away. Who does that? Why? Maybe he had to go so bad he had no time to even lock the door? Maybe this guy was actually so badass, he doesn’t even feel the need to lock the stall. No one is gonna interrupt his pooping and some lock don’t mean nothing to him.

I didn’t stick around to find out who this guy was. All I know is if I’m pooping public, I’m locking the stall door.

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