For whatever reason, I started buying some lottery tickets earlier this month. On average, I’ve spent about $3 a week, so it hasn’t been breaking the bank. I am acutely aware of the odds for lottery I enter in, which is a typical six numbers out of forty-nine. The odds are not good at all. I have one chance in about 14 million to get the big prize. Statistically speaking, it’s better just to save my money for something else. Life, however, is sometimes not best lived from statistical point of view.

Though it’s quite easy to buy lottery tickets in the traditional way, I still found myself missing out on draws. I’d be out and about or still at work before the 6pm deadline. I discovered you can buy lottery tickets online. I immediately thought this was either super awesome or super bad. Now I can buy lottery tickets anywhere and at anytime. I can set up a direct link to my bank account to transfer funds. If I had a problem with gambling, this would be the equivalent of hooking up cocaine directly to my veins via IV.

So far, it’s been nothing but convenient. I bought one ticket for tomorrow’s draw and that’s it. In fact, that ticket was free since they had a promo going on. I got $5 worth of lottery tickets for free by going through the web site.

There is one interesting I learned. If I win some amount for a ticket, the winnings are automatically deposited to my online account. I’m sure this is just for smaller amounts but it’d be interesting to see a grand prize winner have his or her millions deposited directly to an online lottery account. I hope to personally see if that’s the case tomorrow.

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