As many of you have read in my previous posts, I was fairly active during the summer and attributed that to part of my weight loss. With the end of summer and arrival of fall, I wanted to continue to be out and about, getting exercise. I also know that with the fall, the temperatures will drop and the rains will be coming in full force. In fact, this morning the rains were already heavy and monsoon-like.

To prepare for this I’ve been shopping around for weather-appropriate gear for my walks and short hikes. My plan was to get three items, all water-repellant: shoes, pants, and a jacket. The pants were the easier part. I picked up a pair of cycling pants from MEC. Yes, they’re for cycling but they look great, are easy to move in, and they’ll keep the elements out. With the shoes, I was having a hard time deciding between trail running shoes or light hiking shoes. Both are designed to be light and allow you to move quickly. I wound up going with a light hiking shoe. It didn’t feel too heavy on my feet and it’d keep the water out.

The last piece of the puzzle has been the most difficult. So far, I haven’t found a jacket I’m totally happy with. I’ve narrowed it down to a few North Face selections but I’ve yet to make a final decision. In the process of looking, I’ve discovered some simple looking rain shells can cost around $500. For that, I’d expect a jacket that you could wear all year and that makes french fries in the pockets.

The funny thing is, while I’m doing all this shopping, I can’t but help feel like I’m some sorta yuppie poseur, buying gear that won’t even see the summit of Kilimanjaro. Oh well, I think it’s a noble attempt on my part to stay active and outdoors during the fall and winter months. I can’t wait to wear these things to the mall!

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