The visitors of this website basically come from two places: the first, being you fine people, who return on a semi-regular basis, and the second, random visitors from search engines.

Every August, I get influx of the latter type of visitors because next month is the beginning of the school year. In September, thousands upon thousands of students will return to school. In particular, some students will be heading off to the University of British Columbia for the first time. At UBC, some will choose to live in residence. A lot of those students are wondering if bed bugs have infested resident housing. That is where this website comes into play.

Several years ago, I wrote about my lengthy battle with bed bugs when I was a student staying at a UBC residence. It’s been one of my most popular series of blog posts. This month alone, I’ve had people from all over Canada, the US, and Asia, and Europe that have found that series.

I hope most of those people found my bed bug chronicles to be of some assistance. That, or I probably added just another thing to worry about when moving to a new city for the first time. Good luck kids!

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