So if you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know I’ve been more active this summer than other any other for about half a decade. I’ve been getting exercise and enjoying the nice outdoor weather.

It seems this might be taking a physical toll on my aging body. Last week, I finished a 6 km walk and felt great. The next day I noticed a slight soreness in my right foot, near where the ball is. It wasn’t so bad while I was barefoot and walking around on carpet. Then I put some shoes on and got some food. That’s when I noticed it was hurting a bit more. The impact on harder ground was intensifying the pain.

I was planning on walking out to Burnaby Lake the next day so this was not a good development. I rested my foot for the remaining part of the day with the hope that it’d just fix itself overnight. The next day, I got dressed for my sojourn and tested out my foot. It still hurt. In fact, it hurt quite a bit for the first ten minutes or so. It might have been dumb but I powered through the pain. It actually felt better as I walked more. I’m not sure if I was just stretching it out or something. It still wasn’t pain-free though and it was pretty clear I wasn’t going to traverse the whole 12 km without some significant discomfort. I ended things about half way just in case I was doing more damage to my foot.

I rested the damn thing for about two days and it feels a lot better now. There’s no more pain when I walk but I’m still not sure what it was in the first place.

Then just this afternoon, my back tightened up after being out and about. It feels like a big knot is in the center of my back. I’m betting a massage would take care of that. Perhaps even just a hot shower to loosen the muscles.

I know this might come as a shock to you but young people and their perfectly working bodies don’t know how good they have it.

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