Well, the latest game I worked on is now out on the Xbox 360 platform. Capsized is sorta the same game that was released on iPad in March but it has different features on the console version. The control scheme is tailored to the controller and the level of detail is much higher on the Xbox.

This is the first time I’ve been able to play the game at home myself as I don’t own any Apple products. I tried the demo tonight and played through the first level. This brought back memories of last spring and early summer last year. Before actually playing the game, I went to the credits first. I think most developers do this for a game they worked on but left the company before it’s finished. I am happy to report my name is listed under “Special Thanks” which was nice of them to do. I didn’t have a whole lot to do with the console release so it was cool to see my name there still.

The video above is a review of the game from GameTrailers where it scored 8.3. Not bad I suppose.

2 thoughts on “CAPSIZED NOW OUT FOR XBOX 360”

  1. So what do you think about the comment: “shooting enemies offscreen is either a flaw or a quick way to get past the harder levels?”

  2. From a gamer’s perspective, I like having that as an exploit I can use. A lot of 2D platformers I used to play did the same thing.

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