I was at Safeway this afternoon and saw that a leg of lamb was on sale for more than a third off the regular price. It was too difficult to resist so I snapped up that bad boy up. As a kid, I remember listening to my grandmother talk about waiting for certain cuts of meat to go on sale. She wasn’t poor or anything, she just liked saving money (who doesn’t?). I thought it was kinda weird to be excited about meat going on sale because meat wasn’t toys. I understand now. I was genuinely excited to see the price of that hunk meat this afternoon.

I’m currently playing Dead Space 3 right now. It was the last game I got free as an EA employee before the studio closed. I finished all my other games so I decided to fire it up. It’s certainly not a bad game, quite good actually but I’m thinking about not finishing it. I’m not sure if I really enjoy survival horror that much. I spent almost every minute while playing on edge, thinking something is gonna bust out of a vent behind me, next to me, or in front of me. I’d like to know what happens in the story though. In light of that, I shamefully put the difficulty level on “casual” and have been trying to just plow through it. It’s far from easy though and I still play like every step I take is the one that will cause a bunch of freaky things to attack me. Games should be fun, not cause you stress.

I, for some reason, left my apartment door unlocked on Saturday night. Not sure how that happened. If memory serves me correct, this is only the second time this has happened. Luckily, nothing bad transpired. I am reminded of that stereotypical Canadian myth that everyone leaves their door unlocked in this country. Though, in all probability, I could leave my door unlocked several nights in a row and nothing would happen.

Have a good week everyone!

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