It’s been two weeks now since I stopped going to work and I can say time flies when you’re jobless. It seems like it happened yesterday. As expected, I quickly settled into my routine of staying up super late. I had to be in downtown Vancouver at 11am this morning for something and I decided to get up at 9am just so that I wouldn’t be rushed. Of course I stayed up too late and didn’t budget a lot of sleep for myself. Getting up at 9am was rough. My body didn’t know what the hell was going on. I felt very tired.

When I returned home sometime in the afternoon I needed a nap because I felt exhausted. The joy of having an afternoon nap is one of life’s most simplest pleasures. I gladly partook in that. Tomorrow I get to go back to my normal routine as I have no plans in the morning. If you’re on the west coast and having lunch, think of me as I will probably be still in bed.

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