Every year I look forward to the day where I can retire the winter coat to the closet until next winter. You never know beforehand that a particular day is the last day you’ll wear the winter coat until it gets cold again. One day it’s on and then a day arrives where it’s too warm to wear. It then never gets cold enough for you to need it.

I thought last week I had come to that point for this season, as a stretch of dry and sunny weather visited upon Vancouver. It also being April, gave me false hope that perhaps the winter cold had retreated. I was wrong. The rains came and not only did it rain heavily, the temperatures dropped as well. It was not a difficult decision to wear my heavy furs at the beginning of the week.

The weather calls for lows as far down as three degrees Celsius in the next seven days so perhaps winter coat retirement isn’t in the cards just yet. I’ll be waiting though.

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