About two Sundays ago I was just sitting on my ass doing a whole lot of nothing when I decided I should probably salvage the day and do something productive. I hadn’t done my taxes yet but all my documents and receipts were available to me so there wasn’t really any reason to delay it. Since I also was expecting a refund, waiting just meant I was just delaying getting that money to me. It took about an hour but it was pretty straightforward as I was using TurboTax. Whoa, this is scary but I think this is the seventeenth straight year that I’ve used software to help me do my taxes. I’ve never done a tax return by hand ever.

Anyways, my refund was deposited into my bank account yesterday. It was almost a thousand dollars more than my average refund amount. This was mostly because I accidentally bought an extra RRSP contribution near the end of the tax year. In any case, I now am wondering what to do with this money. I’m leaning heavily towards putting towards my mortgage. Other plans could include buying more RRSPs for this tax year. Perhaps this could be used for a vacation? There’s always the stereotypical hookers and cocaine but that is so out of style these days.

This is a good problem to have. I shall keep thinking of ideas.

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