Whoa, so I don’t know if I can chalk it up to just bad luck but I came down with another case of food poisoning on Wednesday night. I’m not sure but it may have been some pineapple I had or possibly some poutine. I’m leaning towards the pineapple because it was the last thing I ate before things went to hell again. It’s always hard to tell with this stuff. Anyways, the nausea from the food poisoning actually woke me up in the middle of the night. I didn’t get much sleep at all that evening.

When I woke up I had the chills, my head was pounding, my muscles ached, and I had zero energy. It sucked but I had to take another sick day. Then I started peeing out of my butt again. Fun times. I, for the most part, just laid in bed all Thursday from the morning into the evening. It was a real downer. Sometime during the day, my chills turned into a fever. I also got dehydrated because I could keep fluids in my body for any length of time.

By Thursday night, I luckily stopped peeing out of my butt but the headache which had been plaguing me from the start remained. I took an Advil before trying to get some sleep. Apparently it worked because I woke up part way through the night and I was all sweaty and my headache was gone. With my fever broke and no pounding headache, I slept peacefully until the morning. I was well enough to go to work on Friday.

I have never gotten food poisoning incidents so close to each other. I don’t think this is indicative of anything I need to change at home because I got sick from a restaurant the first time and the second time was from a pineapple that was fresh from the refrigerator. Was it just bad luck? I hope so.

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