Despite being an Internet user for almost two decades now, I’ve only recently discovered a simple but clever way to secretly communicate between two or more parties. This method leaves much less of an electronic paper trail behind than regular e-mail even though it actually does involve an e-mail account. It’s as simple as setting up a new e-mail account. The login credentials are then given to all involved parties so that everyone can access that account. Messages are then written as drafts but never actually sent. The intended recipients just log into the same account and read the drafts. In this manner, many parties can communicate with each other without having to sent a real e-mail message. Because nothing is ever sent, there is no electronic trail to follow, nor are there now two copies of the message. There’s also no fear the message could be intercepted or traced.

This trick was used by former CIA head and retired general David Petraeus and his paramour Paula Broadwell. In a more nefarious example, this method was also used by a Canadian naval officer who was working for the Russians.

I’m hoping the next thing I find out is how to win a free iPad by clicking on some links.

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