So I was out for lunch with two friends today at a restaurant. One of my companions gestured over to a man sitting by himself at the bar. He was dressed casually and eating lunch. My friend believed him to be Mike Gillis, general manager of the Vancouver Canucks. I thought assertion was absurd chiefly because the man at the bar bore no resemblance to the Gillis other than being a white guy. Second, the general manager of a professional hockey team just doesn’t sit by himself at a bar of a restaurant having lunch in jeans and t-shirt.

My friend still clung to his assertion that it was indeed Gillis at the bar. I find it strange that people sometimes steadfastly hold onto some belief where it’s clearly not the case. We even brought up a picture of the real Mike Gillis on a phone and he still was sure it was him. In any case, the salmon I had for lunch was pretty good.

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