Suck it right-wing bastards!

So what was everyone doing last night? Oh man, if it were possible to sustain myself on just the sweet tears of right-wing conservatives across the US, I’d live for a thousand years. I congratulate every American who took the time out to vote. You honoured your country and everyone who made it possible for you to have that honour. For those who Americans who voted Democratic on the county, state, and federal level, thank you for having the clarity to keep your country moving forward. I, and the rest of the world, appreciate your choice.

The road ahead for President Obama will not be easy, not that it has ever been but I hope this new validation gives him the strength and courage to keep his nation moving forward. Unfortunately, I see no change coming from the spiteful right. Bipartisanship is a word not in their lexicon. They would rather burn America into the ground than work with the President for progress. May the next four years be prosperous and safe ones for our neighbours to the south.

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