So when you start a new job, you look for certain things to see if they’re up to a particular standard. You wonder how well your break room/kitchen is stocked. Is your desk big? How many monitors will I get? Do I get a window? How nice are the washrooms?

So in my case, I certainly did wonder about the washrooms. I’ve been spoiled in past jobs. At EA downtown, there was this private, executive-style bathroom on my floor. It had a marble counter, wood-paneling, and great accent lighting. At my last job, there were single occupant washrooms where you could do your business in private. When I got to my current I job, I noticed they had a normal, shared washroom on our floor. Now we share the floor with other businesses so it’s just not us males using that washroom.

I got my first warning on my first day at work when some dude mentioned the urinals to me. When I stepped inside, I immediately noticed what he was talking about. Whoever made this washroom decided the urinals (of which there are two) should be no more than six inches apart, edge to edge. There are also no dividers between said urinals. They are so close together, when you’re standing at one, dongs are well within peripheral range. Hell, at these distances, is it even your peripheral vision anymore? More like right in front of you practically. The dudes in my office don’t even go to the urinals anymore if they see that the other is already occupied. There’s an unwritten rule that if one is taken, you go to one of the stalls to relieve yourself. That’s great but the idiots from the other businesses on our floor don’t seem to know this. It’s wang on, wang off for them.

As if that’s not bad enough, this washroom has the two smallest stalls I’ve ever seen in a washroom. If you sit on one of the toilets, there’s probably a foot on either side of you before you hit either a wall or the other stall wall. It’s like pooping in phone booth. More importantly, this also means the toilets are about two feet apart. Yes, that close. If both stalls are occupied, it means that two dudes are literally pooping about two feet from each other. Hell, even those two dudes weren’t pooping, two feet is infringing on personal space just standing next to each other. Consider now that they’re flatuating and groaning in close proximity. It’s so close together, two dudes could easily reach under the stall wall and hold hands while pooping.

The washroom situation at work isn’t all that great. We’ve complained but there’s not much they can do. I think at the very least they should install a urinal divider. Enough with the wang show!


I'm actually Obama 2012!

I’m no fan of the Republican party, far from it. I’m hoping for another four years of a Democratic White House. If the world is going to hell, I might as well make a few dollars at the same time.


I had a really weird morning today. I woke up really tired even though I got pretty close to the same amount of sleep I usually get each night. I did notice some interesting when I woke up. I was on my back when my alarm roused me from my sleep. Had I been sleeping on my back all night? I’m usually side sleeper so perhaps my body didn’t like me sleeping on my back. I believe I snore more when I’m on my back. I’ve also read that sleep paralysis occurs more often when one sleeps on their back. Was I having night terrors during the night? If so, I don’t remember a thing.

It was a bit of a rough morning but I was fine by lunch time, perhaps since I drank several cups of green tea today. I hope get a better night of sleep tonight.


After enjoying an extended end to summer, fall has come to reclaim its rightful place as the current season. The sun and the relative warm temperatures that it brought to the beginning of October has given way to cloudy skies and colder temperatures. The rains have not come yet but those are just days away.

I knew things had changed when a co-worker showed up to work in pants. I’d never seen him wear pants before. I even saw a guy wearing a scarf today. That might have been overkill but we’re kinda of wimps here when it comes to weather. The last several days have also brought a thick fog that blankets the city just shortly after the sun sets each night. It’s as if the fall season is reaching out with tendrils of grey and cold.

The sun and warm temperatures will not return until May at the earliest of next year. It’s time to get bundled up again.


Nearly two months ago, I predicted, with strong confidence, that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 US presidential election. Since I wrote that post, I still believe that will be outcome next month. Despite the world knowing he thinks 47% of Americans are freeloaders and despite outright lying on several major issues during the first debate, Romney is still very much in the race. In fact, if you look at this site, Romney received a huge boost after the debate. This just goes to show you the state of American politics and how woefully uninformed most Americans are. It is possible now for Americans to straight up lie on national television and not suffer any consequences for it. A candidate can just rely on the fact that most Americans are just too dumb to fact-check anything they say.

Everything is pretty much going the way I predicted it would.


As some of you might know, the National Hockey League has currently suspended the 2012-2013 season due to a labour dispute. At the heart of the matter is one group of rich people (the players) can’t agree with even richer people (the NHL team owners) on how to split up the billions of dollars that the league generates in profit. As with most things, the group that gets hurt the most, are the poorest, which is in this case, the fans.

The regular season should have started this week. A slew of pre-season games would have already been played. In Canada, this would have been a momentous week as teams would have began playing games that counted. Instead, many players have signed contracts to play in European leagues. Some casual fans might not miss watching hockey but I’m not in that group. I really like watching hockey. I just wish the two sides would just compromise and sign an agreement. I’m not rooting for one side over the other. Both groups will makes enormous sums of money that I can only dream about making myself. I’m selfish and just want to see some hockey being played.

There have been some guesses that the entire season might be lost. That would suck for the fans. Let’s hope we’ll see some hockey before the end of the year.


You know, I’m kinda at a loss for words right now. I just watched a certain video online featuring Hulk Hogan. I can tell you, this video was not of his epic performance in Wrestlemania IV either. The words “sex tape” and “Hulk Hogan” probably should not go together but here we are. I dunno man… I dunno.


At the risk of jinxing the whole thing, I have to say this is the warmest October I can remember for the Vancouver area. Usually by now, the rain and the grey would have taken hold in a tight grip around southwestern British Columbia. The forecast calls for sunny skies until at least Sunday with highs approaching twenty degrees Celsius. It’s been so warm and nice out that one guy at work has worn shorts since my first day. I’ve never seen the guy with pants on. Now how many times have I said that in my life?

Anyways, the weather here can be fickle and it can be sunny one day and terribly rainy the next. I will enjoy the nice weather while it lasts, no matter when the rains will eventually arrive.