As some of you might know, the National Hockey League has currently suspended the 2012-2013 season due to a labour dispute. At the heart of the matter is one group of rich people (the players) can’t agree with even richer people (the NHL team owners) on how to split up the billions of dollars that the league generates in profit. As with most things, the group that gets hurt the most, are the poorest, which is in this case, the fans.

The regular season should have started this week. A slew of pre-season games would have already been played. In Canada, this would have been a momentous week as teams would have began playing games that counted. Instead, many players have signed contracts to play in European leagues. Some casual fans might not miss watching hockey but I’m not in that group. I really like watching hockey. I just wish the two sides would just compromise and sign an agreement. I’m not rooting for one side over the other. Both groups will makes enormous sums of money that I can only dream about making myself. I’m selfish and just want to see some hockey being played.

There have been some guesses that the entire season might be lost. That would suck for the fans. Let’s hope we’ll see some hockey before the end of the year.

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