So I went downstairs this evening to get my mail. It was after 11pm. One of the things in my mailbox was a flyer for a supermarket. I usually just toss those away and this flyer was no different. Except that when I went to drop it into the recycle bin in the mail room, I saw a photo of a meat special for the week. In that photo was a perfectly cooked steak cut so you could see the inside. The steak pink and tender looking, not overcooked, just the right blend of medium rare that I oh so love. It kinda looked like this. I didn’t really have that much to eat for dinner this evening so seeing that meat really made me want to eat a steak.

Of course, I had no raw meat upstairs, let alone a steak. I suppose I could have run into Safeway before close and grabbed a steak. Though with a proper marinate and then cooking, it would have been well after midnight before I’d be chomping on steak. I decided against that. Now that I’m writing about this, I’m thinking about steak again. Man, maybe I shoulda made some steak.

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