Chips and pop!

Several weeks ago I was cleaning my apartment and after I was done, I wiped my brow and lamented at how much effort it takes to clean a home. I then realized my apartment was going to be spotless for about five minutes before it was just gonna get messy and dirty again. I also realized that my apartment was momentarily clean enough to have some people over. Over three years ago, when I first moved into my apartment, people starting asking me when I was going to have a housewarming party. It took a while for my apartment to get fully furnished so a housewarming wasn’t really practical for a while.

Many years later, I think I have enough fold up card table chairs to reach critical mass for guests. Maybe I can and should have a housewarming party now. I kinda wished I had thought of this earlier when it was summer time and weather was hotter and the days longer. We’re fast approaching fall now and the cold and rain can’t be too far away. Perhaps I can set something up for after Thanksgiving. I wonder who would even come out to the ‘burbs for my little shindig?

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