In all my years of riding on public transit, I finally did something I’ve never done before; I missed my stop because I was asleep. I was quite tired yesterday after work. I managed to get a nice comfy single seat on the Skytrain on my commute back home. Fatigue set in and I let sweet sleep wash over me like a soothing wave. I was full on asleep and I may have even started snoring, who knows since I wasn’t conscious. Anyways, I’ve done this plenty of times before but I usually wake up at regular intervals to take note which stop I’m at. I remember yesterday being half asleep but alert enough to know I was at a station that was somewhat close to my stop. That didn’t stop me from going back to sleep. The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and seeing the doors close at my station. Lucky for me, the next stop is very close by, only a block away. I easily could have taken a train going back the opposite way but I chose to walk back which only took about five minutes.

I’m lucky this didn’t happen when I used to take express buses back from downtown Vancouver. Those buses had stops that weren’t exactly close together. If you missed a stop, you’d be walking several long blocks back to where you wanted to go. Taking a bus back the other way would also be problematic since the frequency of buses is way less than the Skytrains.

Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!

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