In previous posts, I’ve written about my struggle to find a decent suit to wear at a black tie mandated wedding that I am attending in a few weeks. After swinging wildly between a Walmart suit worth less than $100 to some ridiculous off the rack suits worth $700 at some of Vancouver’s men’s clothing stores, I settled on Indochino, an online retailer that makes custom fit suits.

Though they predicted that my suit would arrive somewhere around March 8, they actually got the suit to my by February 29, about three weeks after I placed my order. They don’t mess around with shipping either. My suit was in Shanghai on Tuesday and thanks to FedEx, it arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday. My new black suit traveled nearly half way across the planet to get to me.

I took a few pictures of the unboxing of my suit which you can see below:

My suit came in a fairly large box but it was quite thin. Underneath the shipping box is another box that actually contains the suit. If you open that, you can see the suit jacket is held in place by these suspenders which are attached to the box. You can’t see it but the pants have been placed inside the jacket. The last picture shows you some of the custom options you can choose when order a suit. I went with a dark burgundy lining to add a touch of colour. All suits also come with two lines of custom monogramming. I went with something that could identify me and also allow me to get my jacket back in the unlikely case I misplaced it.

I admit the suit didn’t look all too spectacular while it was just sitting inside the box. That all changed though when I put it on with a decent dress shirt underneath and then stepped into some decent lighting. The suit jacket fits better than any jacket that I’ve ever tried on. Of course, that’s no fluke, it was made to measure. The pants are fine, I might have preferred a slimmer cut but it sure beats any off the rack pants that I’ve ever tried on. In general, it is the best fitting suit I have ever owned. I’m not sure if this is a blessing or a curse but I can’t imagine buying another suit off the rack now, knowing how well a suit can look and feel when it’s made exactly to your measurements.

I’ll need to get the suit pressed before I head off to the wedding as it received a few wrinkles while on its way from Shanghai to Vancouver. Otherwise, it’s good to go!

4 thoughts on “SUIT HAS ARRIVED!”

  1. Hi Erwin,

    Glad you decided to give us a try and were happy with your suit and the Indochino experience. Enjoyed reading your blog post and hope you’ll follow us on Facebook and Twitter and come back for more!

    All the best,

  2. Darren:

    Thanks for stopping by and reading! It will be difficult to buy off the rack ever again!

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