I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve watched the TV show Cops for over two decades now. It may not be the most refined or elegant piece of entertainment but there is an undeniable draw to watching a drunk and shirtless guy get tazed in his trailer park home on a domestic call. Couple that with the odd high speed pursuit and that would explain how I’ve been fan of the show for so many years.

As a service to you, I discovered a site that has twenty-five seasons of Cops episodes all online. Some of the newer episodes have been removed but many of the older seasons have valid links. For example, an episode from season 20, where “this week’s stories include a woman with a felony warrant resists arrest; a prostitute steals a john’s truck; and a transvestite with an outstanding warrant is arrested while in possession of a stolen car” is there for all to see.

Though I believe I was more excited to find this site than any of my loyal readers, I hope you can squeeze some entertainment from it as well.

Stop resisting!


  1. Too many to pick a favourite but there have been some incredible moments:

    The officer and camera crew come to the assistance of another officer who was shot during a traffic stop. He survived but his injuries led to the end of his police career.

    LV PD conducts a traffic stop where the driver is a young lady wearing nothing but a bikini. During questioning, she admits to having breast enlargement surgery soon.

    Crazy naked dude who seems to have the strength of five men.

  2. Wow, no one even mentioned to me that I forgot to link to the actual site with the Cops episodes.

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