My loyal readers, I am headed off to San Diego this morning for a little holiday before I begin my search for new employment in earnest. Some of you may wonder how I chose San Diego. I originally was looking at tropical destinations closer to the equator but the thought of being stuck in an all-inclusive resort by myself for a week seemed boring. I am sure the sun, the water, and the beach would be fun for the first couple of days but then I’d want to do other things. With San Diego, I get the nice weather (the highs are in the 20s this week) and the prospect of an urban adventure.

I don’t have an itinerary set in stone but the things I have in mind to see are an aircraft carrier, pandas, whales, various other creatures, the Pacific Ocean, the sun, museums, galleries, large boats, Tijauana(!), and P.F. Changs. I may not get to all of these things but that’s ok. I’m taking this as a very leisurely holiday. If I spend half a day at the beach collecting bottles and cans that’ll be fine because it’s sunny and warm down there. The weather in Vancouver calls for clouds and rain all week.

Alright, I’ll be in touch with everyone again once I check into my Super 8.

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